Q: How do I join CRUSH CLUB?

A: CRUSH CLUB is a auto-ship subscription to a Refill of CRUSHTABS®, either the Refill Supply 30 Count or the Refill Supply 100 Count. Join by selecting your product on the Shop page and choosing "Join Crush Club" to enjoy free shipping today! Your order date is your monthly ship date. 

Q: Where can I purchase CRUSHTABS®?

A: CRUSHTABS® is available here on our website on the SHOP page.

Q: I did not receive a paper receipt or instructions in my shipped order, where can I get a receipt and instructions?

A: Be Well Labs™ endeavors to conserve paper and therefore offers all answers to your questions on this FAQ page and the How to Use page. Your receipt has been sent to your order email. Thank you for helping us create a healthier and greener YOUniverse!

Q: Is CRUSHTABS Organic?

A: CRUSHTABS is made using Xylitol from the Birch Tree, Baking Soda, and Organic Peppermint Essential Oil.

Q: Do CRUSHTABS help prevent tooth decay and cavities?

A: CRUSHTABS contains powerful, effective ingredients, like Xylitol and Sodium Bicarbonate, that have been clinically proven to prevent tooth decay and cavities. 

Q: Do I need a toothbrush?

A: CRUSHTABS can be used with a toothbrush for a traditional tooth-brushing experience, or without a toothbrush for use as a mouthwash.

Q: How many tabs are in a tube?

A: There are 100 CRUSHTABS per refillable counter top display tube.

Q: Why do the CRUSHTABS design look different in the video and in some pictures?

A: The CRUSH CUB toothpaste tablet is our new design. It is easy to break exactly in half for desired portion sizes. It's also very cute!

Q: Why don't all CRUSHTABS look exactly the same? 

A: CRUSHTABS is a handmade, artisan product. There is no machinery involved in the toothpaste tablet production. 

Q: My CRUSHTABS have become soft and crumbly. What's happening?

A: This product has no fillers or binders and therefore they are sensitive to heat and moisture. Keep CRUSHTABS in a room temperature environment. Do not refrigerate and be wary of steamy bathrooms. 

Q: Are there any hidden/artificial ingredients in CRUSHTABS?

A: We are completely transparent with our ingredients; we don’t include anything not listed on the ingredient panel and pride ourselves in using only natural ingredients without fillers, colorings, binders, or artificial additives.

Q: Why do CRUSHTABS taste salty?

A: CRUSHTABS is a great litmus test to measure how much sugar is in your diet. For those who eat less sugar, this product tastes more sweet.

 Q: Where is your company located?

A: CRUSHTABS ships from our headquarters in Santa Barbara, CA.

Q: I want to place a wholesale order for CRUSHTABS to sell in my store. Can I do that?

A: We are currently only selling CRUSHTABS via online platforms.

Q: How do I become an affiliate of CRUSHTABS?

A: Great! Please contact us via the CONTACT page for more information. 

Q: Can I swallow CRUSHTABS?

A: While CRUSHTABS is safe to swallow, it is not a mint or candy and not intended for any consumption. Please chew, brush, and rinse. 

Q: Is CRUSHTABS safe for children?

A: Yes, just break the CRUSH Cub in half for a smaller amount for children under 12. Please supervise use. 

Q: I have a question that is not answered above!

A: Great! Please contact us via the CONTACT page.