Q: Where can I purchase CRUSHTABS® ?

A: CRUSHTABS® is available here on our website on the Oral Wellness page.  It is also available at Rutabagas Natural Market.

Q: Is CRUSHTABS® Organic?

A: We use organic ingredients whenever possible. No Gluten, No Preservatives, No soy, No Binders, No Fillers. Clean as a whistle.

Q: Do CRUSHTABS® help prevent tooth decay and cavities?

A: CRUSHTABS® contains powerful, effective ingredients, like Xylitol and Sodium Bicarbonate, that have been clinically proven to prevent tooth decay and cavities.  Minerals protect the tooth enamel.

Q: Do I need a toothbrush?

A: CRUSHTABS® can be used with a toothbrush for a traditional tooth-brushing experience, or without a toothbrush for use as a oral supplement. 

Q: Why don't all CRUSHTABS® tablets look exactly the same? 

A: CRUSHTABS® is a handmade, artisan product. There is no machinery involved in the tablet production. 

Q: My CRUSHTABS® have become soft and crumbly. What's happening?

A: This product has no fillers or binders and therefore they are sensitive to heat and moisture. Keep CRUSHTABS® in a room temperature environment. Do not refrigerate and be wary of steamy bathrooms. 

Q: Are there any hidden/artificial ingredients in CRUSHTABS®?

A: We are completely transparent with our ingredients; we don’t include anything not listed on the ingredient panel and pride ourselves in using only natural ingredients without fillers, colorings, binders, or artificial additives.

Q: Why do CRUSHTABS® taste salty?

A: CRUSHTABS® is a great litmus test to measure how much sugar is in your diet. For those who eat less sugar, this product tastes more sweet.

 Q: Where is Be Well Labs LLC located?

A: CRUSHTABS® ships from our headquarters in Citrus County, Florida

Q: I want to place a wholesale order for CRUSHTABS® to sell in my store. Can I do that?

A: Yes, however there is a vetting process. Simply contact us and we will see if we work well with your market. Contact us if you have more questions or a special situation.

Q: Can I swallow CRUSHTABS®?

A: While CRUSHTABS® is safe IF swallowed, it is not a mint or candy and is not intended for any consumption. 

Q: Is CRUSHTABS® safe for children?

A: Yes, just break the tab in half for a smaller amount for children under 12. Please supervise use.

Q: I have a question that is not answered above!

A: Great! Please contact us via the Customer Service page.