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Oral Wellness System and Crushtabs

Now you can position yourself for oral self-sufficiency and rarely, if ever, have to visit the dentist again.

Is it really genetics that gave you bad teeth? Or is it aging? Or is it not enough flossing?

The truth is that we were never given the right tools to prevent dental and periodontal disease.

When were we taught the importance of oral health in having total health?

Fortunately, the Oral Wellness System helps you take back your oral health with four easy steps.

This kit contains CRUSHfloss stringless floss, Cavi-Clean 17% hydrogen peroxide, 100 CRUSHTABS, CRUSHoil gum conditioner.

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"One of my favorite aspects of red light therapy is the benefits it has on oral health. The photobiomodulation research in this area is exhaustive, demonstrating countless ways that RLT can impact oral health — from infections to gum health to enamel erosion to orthodontic surgery to pain and more.  Blue light therapy is notorious ​for whitening teeth, especially when combined with hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide gel; Peroxide is superior for whitening teeth most efficiently. Blue light is also equally effective at selectively killing harmful bacteria while leaving beneficial bacteria alive and thriving, which leads to an optimized oral microbiome."

Dr. Mike Belkowski - 3/24/2022

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This Community Store is where Biohackers can shop for ways to optimize Resilience, Performance, and Consciousness – and mitigate toxins of the Mind, Body, and Spirit.

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"The Meeting Place For Single Biohackers"

Biohackers seek Resilience, Longevity, Performance, and Consciousness by practicing a variety of modalities while striving to mitigate toxins from the Mind, Body, and Spirit

 Connect – Share – Grow – Thrive – Live – Love – together, with a special Biohacker

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"Change your frequency, change your life"
Use with the all 13 app functions:

Resonance I, Love, Pain Relief, Tension, Chill, Recovery, Sleep, Energy Flow, Cell Energy, Bio Photons, Purify, Female Energy, and Male Energy

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ELIMINATE stubborn fat by targeting the root cause of weight loss resistance (toxins in the cell and endocrine system)

REMOVE endocrine disruptors that suppress your natural hormone production

UPGRADE your cellular energy (mitochondria) so that you feel more energized when you wake up and stronger in the gym

TRANSFORM your ability to metabolize dietary fat into energy, by removing toxins that disrupt your gut health

REMOVE the metals that can create yeast (candida) issues and are often a hidden culprit in sugar cravings

REBALANCE your hormones and body systems so you feel energized, experience elevated mood, and motivation to maximize your keto/weight-loss results

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B Strong BFR Bands allow you to exercise smarter, safer, and improve overall strength and fitness in less time with greater results.

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Simply O3: 3.0 Complete Kit

3.0 Complete Kit Includes:

Stratus 3.0 Ozone Generator
Your choice of oxygen tank regulator (select above)
Ozone destruct
Ozone Water Bubbler System
6ft Silicone Tubing
Ozone Stethoscope
Catheters (x10)
3-Chambered Ozone Bags (x2)
60cc Syringe (x2)
Note: Kit does not include an oxygen tank

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