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Kid Friendly No Peppermint Tube of of 100 CRUSHTABS®

Kid Friendly No Peppermint Tube of of 100 CRUSHTABS®

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Your Favorite CRUSHTABS without PEPPERMINT

The Chewable On-The-Go Wellness Supplement for Whitening, pH balancing Freshness & Systemic Wellness. This sweet & smooth flavor makes it the healthiest On-The-Go treatment with the fewest ingredients. Keep your mouth clean and hydrated as often as you want with this product!

Ingredients: Xylitol and Sodium Bicarbonate. 

Best results without water - just chew, brush, and rinse.

CRUSHTABS® is not a mint it's an oral supplement.  It's not formulated for consumption but it won't hurt you if you do.

Tube of 100 CRUSHTABS® 

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14-day Return Policy: If you are not overjoyed with your CRUSHTABS® experience, we offer a full refund of your one-time purchase not including shipping and handling. 


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