CRUSH Oil by Be Well Labs - ozone soothes and resolves bleeding gums

CRUSH Oil™ Ozonated Gum Conditioner - soothes gum irritation and promotes overall oral well-being

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CRUSH Oil™ applied to your toothbrush after using CRUSHTABS® soothes gum irritation. This Ozonated Sunflower Seed Oil resolves gingivitis symptoms and promotes overall oral well-being. Apply to a dedicated soft bristle toothbrush and massage gently in a circular motion. To keep your toothbrush clean after use, soak bristles in isopropyl alcohol overnight, then cleanse with water. Store at room temperature. Do not refrigerate. Squeeze dropper bulb every 3 weeks when not use to prevent the bulb from exploding due to ozone expansion. 

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14-day Return Policy: If you are not overjoyed with your CRUSHTABS® experience, we offer a full refund of your purchase not including shipping and handling.

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